Pest Management

Every farm around the world is subject to different pests. Each plant has a unique set of bugs that they attract. Here in our Holland Marsh, thrips are not the problem they are for fruit tree growers of the Niagara region, but we are challenged by whiteflies, aphids, and spidermites. We use biological control to try and combat our pest problems. Encarica Formosa larvae are introduced in the greenhouses to eat the whitefly, and Ladybugs enjoy an aphid lunch.

Bees pollinate our plant vines, which means there can be no pesticide or toxic chemicals used or the bees will die. If there is any residue or buildup, our past research showed the biologicals and bees died within 36 hours.

Again, we encourage you to visit our farm and see this program working. See where third generation, 53 years of hands on research through family involvement in agriculture and working with mother nature has brought us.

Occasionally a freak of nature will bring a new pest. Some bugs are impossible to get rid of organically, biologically or otherwise-like the summer of 2002 when the Holland Marsh was struck with an invasion of Leafminor. We lost our main tomato crop, neighboring farms lost acres of celery and Asian greens. We have an extensive history of fighting bugs. We have suffered big losses in our bug battles with stories that would shock most people. But for the present we are having great success this year with our biological controls.