How we Grow

Unfortunately, our website isn’t large enough for us to go into great detail on how we grow each vegetable, so we will highlight a few points here, but we do encourage you to come visit our farm as part of our public awareness program to see our various growing techniques in operation for yourselves. We grow without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our food has been continually tested by the Ministry of Agricuture & Food. This testing takes place every year and randomly throughout the growing season. We welcome your food concerns, as well as your opinions. Feel free to ask questions. Organic crop protection methods are a vital part of organic food production.

We have developed innovative ways to respect and protect organic crops while maintaining the balance of micronutrients necessary to produce nutritious organic vegetables.

  • Our soil is a rich mixture of peat moss, loam, worm castings, and kelp. This allows the vegetable to grow in an environment rich in nitrogen and minerals vital to supporting healthy plant life.
  • We do not use any animal based waste products for fertilizers due to disease and other environmental concerns.
  • We grow our vegetables to their natural maturity. We pick our vegetables as they ripen naturally. We have found through research that the highest potential phytonutrient and vitamin content is vine ripening in the correct combination of acid/alkaline soil.
  • By maintaining the correct micronutrient balance through continued testing, and feeding the plant foliage through the growing season, we supply organic produce with nutrition.

Our Main Greenhouse

The shape creates a magnifying effect that increases overall light levels. As well, it allows more room for bad air to escape. The ventilators on the walls catch the northwest breeze and push the air in the greenhouse through the peak ventilators. When the ventilators are closed, 16′ fans circulate the air ensuring air movement and even temperatures. The result is that no bad air exists at crop level and a streamlined greenhouse offers less structural stress.

In conclusion, our signature growing techniques and unique greenhouse design work together to make for a pretty perfect environment. No plants experience stress and a happy plant is a productive plant.